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  • The idea of inviting 20 ­Scottish writers to address one of 20 portraits and artworks at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and have their "short, sharp" monologues delivered by professional actors to a promenade audience, is a fascinating one - for all its undoubted logistical challenges.

  • The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians looms large over the life of Khaled Hourani and, inevitably, it's what gives heft and meaning to much of his work as an artist.

  • There was a scene in W1A, the recent comedy about the BBC, that satirised the process of commissioning programmes.

  • When Paul Allen's stage version of Brassed Off appeared in 1998, two years after Mark Herman's film about a small Yorkshire community's efforts to win a brass band competition was first released, the miners' strike that formed the story's backdrop was still a fresh wound on Britain's landscape.

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