RM Hubbert

Thirteen Lost And Found

(Chemikal Undergound)

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And the superb new music from inventive Scots just keeps on coming. Hubbert was once part of El Hombre Trajeado and released an album of solo guitar instrumentals, First & Last, a couple of years back. This new disc (of 11, not 13 tracks, of which V is the sixth) is a more diverse collection altogether, although about half the music audibly follows on from that earlier collection – highly atmospheric stuff that hints at a career in soundtracks. Hubbert's collaborators include various Franz Ferdinands and ex-Delgados, and Alex Kapranos produces. The two most complex and sophisticated tracks are those featuring the women: the close harmonies of Marion Kenny and Hanna Tuulikki over on Sunbeam Melts The Hour, and Emma Pollock revealing her inner jazz chanteuse on the very affecting Half Light. This glorification of the distaff side receives its answer in Alasdair Roberts's vocal on the concluding condemnation of a fickle jade, The False Bride. And all Scotsmen ken whit mony a fickle maks, as Aidan Moffat, another contributor, might well sing.

Keith Bruce