Despite it being regularly bandied about to describe the mediocre, the word legendary does apply to one or two rock'n'roll types and Ray Davies is, without doubt, one of them. His last album, See My Friends, involved all sorts of rock luminaries falling over themselves to duet with him.

Davies opened the show accompanied only by his guitarist and ran through a few classics, such as Autumn Almanac, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion and Sunny Afternoon, before being joined by the rest of his band midway through Dead End Street.

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From there it was an uninterrupted string of classic, peculiarly English, pop songs. Having sounded a little shaky during the Olympic closing horror show, he was bang on form here. The voice was not quite what it had been, but that seemed to enhance tunes such as Waterloo Sunset, infusing them with an almost palpable melancholy.

Lola was as funny as ever and there were a couple of Vegas-type band instrumentals to allow Mr Davies to change his shirt, before he finished with the songs which introduced the rock riff, All Day And All Of The Night and You Really Got Me. A veteran, perhaps, but still rocking.