Now five albums into their career, Hot Chip have rarely seemed so assured or confident as performers. The pace here was consistently fast, with a clutch of their pop and dance crossovers snapped into while the band themselves, never the trendiest looking folk, grooved away in the manner of a group of accountants at a Christmas party.

Yet the music doesn't require onstage style, though it was certainly aided by a well-timed lights show. There was a terrific 1980s pop vibe to Don't Deny Your Heart, a song fit to soundtrack an inspirational montage, while the buzzing Flutes kept the tempo high.

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While chat was minimal there was a playful nature evident, with a snippet of Fleetwood Mac's Everywhere slotting in alongside the big beasts of Over And Over and Ready For The Floor, all provoking a raved-up reaction.

Although the vocals of Alexis Taylor tend towards the languid, the songs were consistently thumping, not least a tremendous finale of Hold On, complete with smoke covering the stage.

There was even time for an unplanned, curfew-breaking final encore, a gesture that said more about the band's enjoyment of the evening than any onstage speech could have.