Natasha Khan, who is Bat for Lashes, is an immensely talented singer-songwriter.

Her last album, Two Suns, was replete with yearning melodies, electronic power, delicate pianos and a sense of restrained but ever-present creativity.

Comparisons to Kate Bush and Bjork were made, but Khan is her own artist; poetic, lyrical and a little chaotic.

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The Haunted Man, coming after a sustained period of writer's block, is only intermittently powerful, but when she gets it right – the thunderclouds of keys on opener Lilies, the tremulous ballad Laura, the buzzing second single All Your Gold and the title track – she makes music that is propulsive, sensual and unusually good.

Her creative block led to invention and eclectic experiments: there are military drums, male choirs and trumpets on The Haunted Man, and elsewhere electronica bubbles alongside lush strings and thumping beats. This collection is not uniformly great – some songs feel a little anaemic and less than fully formed – but it is still an impressive statement from one of our great young artists. A stark triumph.