Or, if you prefer, Now That's What Calvin Calls Music Vol 3 – for a new album, this feels suspiciously like an end-of-year round-up of chart hits from household names including Rihanna (We Found Love), Kelis (Bounce), Florence Welch (Sweet Nothing), Ne-Yo (Let's Go), Example (We'll Be Coming Back) and Harris himself (Feel So Close).

All six singles reached either No 1 or No 2, arguably making 18 Months the album that most closely reflects the commercial pop sound of 2012, like it or not. (And you can be sure, given the collaborations here with Ellie Goulding and Tinie Tempah, that every drop of milk has not yet been pumped from the musical udder of this particular cash cow.)

Despite having pushed the microphone to one side and assumed more of a writer-producer's role than on I Created Disco and Ready For The Weekend, Dumfries-born Harris performs the same old behind-the-decks party tricks, leaving any notion of diversity on the album to the guest vocalists.

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Decide for yourself whether his fast-faster-fastest build-a- banger formula that kicks in before a chorus is now a trademark or a self-parody.