Despite that mildly rebellious album title, A Band Called Quinn haven't really gone against the musical flow of traffic in the time they've been together.

At the risk of metaphor overkill, their classy pop has cruised along in a lane to the side of the motorway, often putting the foot down to make flashier vehicles look dull in comparison, but never quite finding the sliproad that would take them to stardom.

Red Light Means Go is not an album that runs out of gas by the halfway point. If anything, it grows stronger as every track passes by. Get Out Of My Way opens proceedings by brightening up its Garbage-hued palette with an insistent piano vamp before the pop-throb of Can You Swim? finds the Glaswegian ensemble heading over the same bridge to dancefloor territory that suited them so well on 2009's Sun Moon Stars.

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However, frontwoman Louise Quinn is at her best here when challenging Debi Harry for the latter-day new-wave/garage crown on Sayonara, Above The Parapet and, especially, the slyly retro rock'n'roll shapes of album stand-out Gene, I'm Starting To Remember.