The Killing: Season 1-3 Box Set (15)

Soren Sveistrup's Danish crime saga is a brilliant, game-changing television drama. Sofie Grabol is taciturn Copenhagen cop Sarah Lund, and she's accompanied by a who's-who of Scandanavian acting talent, most notably Lars Mikkelsen in series one and, in series two, Mikael Birkkjaer. Yours for £60 and worth every krone.

Grabbers (15)

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Comedy horror in the spirit of Attack The Block and Cockneys Vs Zombies, with maybe a dash of The Fog thrown in for good measure. The setting is the sleepy Irish island of Erin, though the locals wake up fast enough when aliens land in need of a drink – and Guinness isn't quite what they had in mind. The fightback is led by two Garda members (Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley who, having been in Primeval, really should have known better).

Les Miserables Double Pack (U)

The world is set to go Les Mis crazy in January with the release of a film version of the 1980s musical, starring Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried to name just a few. Ahead of that, you can brush up on two earlier adaptations of Victor Hugo's famous tale. The first, Richard Boleslawski's Oscar-nominated 1935 version, stars Charles Laughton and Frederic March. The second, directed by Lewis Milestone (All Quiet On The Western Front), stars Michael Rennie in his first lead role after the success of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Zombie Flesh Eaters (18)

Banned on its release in 1979, though it seems fairly tame these days, Italian director Lucio Fulci's cult horror flick has been restored from the original camera negatives and here gets its Blu-Ray debut. Glasgow-born actor Ian McCulloch stars alongside another Brit, Richard Johnson, and Tisa Farrow, younger sister of Mia. It is one of the original "video nasties", which probably accounts for the fact that it was 1998 before McCulloch saw the finished film.

Barry Didcock