Yo La Tengo



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For their acolytes, Yo La Tengo have evolved across almost three decades to assume the status of family rather than phenomenon, etching tender laments from mundane yet extraordinary themes – love, friendship, humanity. The Hoboken trio's 13th studio album cements their position in the hearts of those who yearn for the slow succour of a caress over the sudden thrill of a pinch, comprising 10 gentle songs that mine the sublime blend of quiet noise and classic pop chops that reached its zenith on 1997's I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One. This is deeply soulful music that majors on feel, finesse and femininity. If there's a flaw in the execution it's the placing of Ohm – all juicy jangle, loose funk and unison singing – at the front rather than the back of the queue, prefiguring an upward sequential trajectory that fails to unfold. Cavils aside, though, Fade casts spell upon spell. Submit yourself.

Sean Guthrie