Two Door Cinema Club may not have officially been adopted as Scottish in the manner of Snow Patrol, but that day might not be far off.

Their second album Beacon was mostly written during a year spent in Cardonald, and the Irish trio were treated as conquering heroes by a Barrowland audience so young that a rendition of the usual "here we, here we" chant sounded like a school choir.

There is something youthful about the band's music too, which aims to deliver instant satisfaction. Nearly every number was all synths and tinkling guitars before galloping to a hefty, booming chorus that lapped over Alex Trimble's wavy voice. It's a tactic that became repetitive as the gig progressed. At the most frantic moments it was the musical version of adolescents craving a sugar rush.

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That's not to say the performance didn't have its highlights, and Two Door are slick at what they do. Do You Want It All? had a sweet melody lurking underneath, while I Can Talk and a bombastically delivered This Is The Life came across as jubilant anthems which deserved the fervent reaction they provoked.

Yet while the crowd's spirits ensured a lively atmosphere, the band's stagecraft was reliant on an onslaught of lights, as they said little and settled for head-bobbing. It was hard to spot any noticeable difference from their recordings to their live set, and while last year's NME Tour set was snappy, having 19 songs in this performance meant the likes of the forgettable Costume Party and Someday's faux attempt at whipping up sheer noise had to be endured.

The band have a winning formula, but more variety would be welcome.