This is deservedly one of the most popular poems by Scotland's Makar, Liz Lochhead, chronicling the end of a romance with candour, feeling and wit.

Much anthologised, it came originally from her collection Dreaming Frankenstein and Collected Poems (Polygon, 1984).


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Today saw the last of my Spanish shampoo.

Lasted an age now that sharing with you,

such a thing of the past is.

Giant Size. The brand

was always a compromise.

My new one's tailored exactly to my needs.

Non-spill. Protein-rich.

Feeds Body, promises to solve my problem hair.

Sweetheart, these days it's hard to care.

But oh oh insomniac moonlight

how unhoneyed is my middle of the night.

I could see you

far enough. Beyond me

how we'll get back together.

Campsites in Spain, moonlight,

heavy weather.

Today saw the end of my Spanish shampoo,

the end of my third month without you.