l TORQUE is the title of a new piece of performance being created under the auspices of the CCA-based Paragon organisation in Glasgow by composer Pippa Murphy, choreographer Caroline Bowditch and engineer Calum Cossar.

The piece, which will be seen at Platform in Easterhouse on March 13 and 14, looks at the science behind wind turbine technology and how the rotation of these common features of the landscape converts natural energy in electrical current. The project has been supported by Creative Scotland and the Royal Academy of Engineering and has also included workshops for school pupils run by a team of engineers from Glasgow University.


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l ARTIST Iona Leishman, who was the first artist-in-residence at Stirling Castle and currently holds the same post at nearby Cowane's Hospital, hosts a Drawing and Painting Weekend at the castle this coming weekend. Costing £100, the weekend will allow participants to use a mix of media, and will explore Stirling in ways designed to help open up new venues of artistic possibility.

In the next few months Leishman will complete a hat-trick of historic venues at the Top of the Town when she fulfils a commission to create a painting of the interior of The Church of Holy Rude. The intention is that prints and cards of the resulting work will be sold to raise funds for the church.


l THE latest of a new night of live performance art events in Edinburgh under the banner Anatomy is scheduled for March 8. Another new initiative that has found a home at Summerhall, Anatomy 4 is, as its name suggests, specifically focused on the human body and is subtitled Silence/Noise/Silence. Contributors to this showcase include Tom Harlow, Leo Olamarino, Lucille Teppa, Will Pickvance, Monika Smekot and Iraya Noble, and Phoebe Cottam. Admission is £6 and doors open at 7.45pm