There is a simple nature to The Joy Formidable.

"You're just playing four strings and you just hit it hard," explained singer Ritzy Bryan, giving onstage orders to her rhythm section, and while there are layers to the Welsh trio's music there remains something primal at its heart. Their continual touring has paid off, as this was a tight set, even if Oran Mor's acoustics can sometimes be unforgiving for a rock band. Their two albums are presented in more aggressive form live, and there were hardly any moments where the senses weren't being pummelled, with a video screen shaped like a wolf adding to the vibe.

Such noise was mostly a good thing, with drummer Matt Thomas and bassist Rhydian Dafydd mixing up some larking around with being sonically in tune, while Bryan's vocal floated on top. She merrily strode towards the crowd (losing her guitar among them on the evening's last number) and was a fine pivot for the group to work around.

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The gig's fastest sections were the most thrilling, from Little Blimp's thumping beat to a frantic Cradle, but if such moments were the peak of the 80-minute set, then occasionally the band were guilty of over-reaching themselves, with the stretched out Don't Want To See You Like This pushing too hard to be epic.

Similarly, while rarely less than entertaining, their nosiest efforts would stand out further if there was more to contrast them with, and some tracks were a tad too interchangeable. The delightful folk-tinged Silent Treatment was the only example of variety, and worked well, even if the driving Maw Maw Song and deafening Whirring later displayed the band's louder side at its best.