Pharis & Jason Romero

Long Gone Out West Blues


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With The Civil Wars on hiatus and Gillian Welch taking up to eight years between albums, where do you look for Americana duets whose harmonies seize your very soul? Try Horsefly, British Columbia, where Pharis and Jason Romero make their home. Following on from debut album A Passing Glimpse, this husband and wife duo are accumulating an enviable songbook of country blues originals peppered with traditionals. They also practice what they preach: Pharis is a tremendous songwriter who brings a bright new talent to an age-old canon, while Jason not only picks a mean banjo, he also makes these richly toned instruments himself. Authenticity rings true in every note, while the lyrics evoke lonesome tales from back then and right now. Pharis and Jason Romero could well be the future of a bygone sound.

Alan Morrison