Dirs: Scott Moore, Jon Lucas

With: Miles Teller, Skylar Astin

Runtime: 93 minutes

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EVEN by the long and tawdry traditions of American college comedies, 21 & Over hits an unpleasant new low. Miles Teller and Skylar Austin play Miller and Casey, two old pals from high school who venture across the country to help celebrate the 21st birthday of another friend, Jeff Chang (Justin Chon).

Times, alas, have changed and the buddies along with it. Scott Moore and Jon Lucas's picture goes for the gross-out moments early on, barely pausing to allow the audience to get to know its characters before making them unbearable. The Miller character is heroically boorish, with Teller desperately trying to channel John Belushi. By the time someone remembers that we might have to like these twerps a little to want to spend time with them it is too late, with the odd winning moment here and there lost amid the frat boy din.