In a rather surprising oversight, it seems British diplomats didn't get round to editing - or indeed listening to - Tom Odell's song Another Love before they let David Cameron give it to his fellow G8 leaders as gift, part of a compilation playlist of contemporary British music.

The song contains the line: "So I'll use my voice, I'll be so f****** rude, words they always win, but I know I'll lose". Perhaps the PM thought Vladimir Putin's English wouldn't be good enough to pick up the sweary words.

Of course lots of songs have been edited to mask naughty words before being allowed to be played in public - here's our playlist of the top 10.

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The Beautiful South - Don't Marry Her, Have Me
The track, which spent 10 weeks in the UK Singles chart, was originally called Don't Marry Her, F*** Me. However, the lyrics were changed to Don't Marry Her, Have Me to ensure the song received airplay on radio and television.

Johnny Cash - A Boy Called Sue
The phrase 'son of a b****' was censored in the radio edit of the track. 'Damn' was also blanked out from the final line of the song.

Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
Some radio stations decided to blank the line 'That little faggot with the earring and the make-up' from the song.

The Kinks - Lola
The original song had the words "Coca-Cola" in the lyrics. However, because of BBC Radio's policy against product placement, the band was forced to change the words to  "cherry cola" for the single release.

Britney Spears - If You See Amy
Britney had to change the name of her hit single  to If You See Amy after the original title If U Seek Amy was found to have quite a naughty meaning when spoken (go on, try it, we dare you...)

James Blunt - You're Beautiful
The phrase 'f****** high' in the second verse of this number one hit was changed to 'flying high' for the radio edit.

Prince - Sexy Motherf*****
The f***** part of the word was bleeped in the radio edit of this song, which reached number four in 1994. However, the censorship did not stop the song receiving plenty of airplay.

Cee-Lo Green - Forget You
This number one hit was originally called F*** You. However, its lyrics were changed to Forget You for the radio edit.


Black Eyed Peas - Lets Get it Started
The track, which appeared on the band's 2003 album Elephunk, was originally called Lets Get Retarded. Not surprisingly, the title was changed for its releas as a single.

The Pogues featuring Kirsty McColl - Fairytale in New York
In 2007 the BBC dubbed out 'faggot' and 'slut' from the track after putting a ban on the words to 'avoid offence'. Kirsty McColl's mother called the ban 'too ridiculous'. However, the Pogues said they found the decision 'amusing'.




Listen to the playlist below.