The latest edition of Celebrity Big Brother took a new twist as the 12 contestants went into the house handcuffed together in pairs.

First to go in was the unlikely couple of comic Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan of the Nolan Sisters - who had announced before the show began that she did not like male chauvinist pigs.

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Davidson described himself in his pre-show video as a "dirty stand up comedian" - "I've always thought that dirty jokes were the best", he said.

He told how he was a year late appearing on the Channel 5 show. "I was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, I denied the allegations, and after nine months, the police decided that they had no alternative but to just do no further action," he said.

He added: "Do I hate women? No, not all of them" and "I'm really excited about going into the Big Brother house, and I hope there's lots of women with big knockers."

Nolan said in her pre-show video: "I don't like male chauvinist pigs. I think if I went into the house and there was a male chauvinist pig in there, if he does upset me, or some of the other women in the house, I wouldn't be frightened to tell him. I had Jim Davidson thrown out of a club once, so God help me if Jim Davidson's in there now."

When they were introduced to each other, she told him: "I think you're lovely when you're sober."

The next celebrity to be presented was former N-Dubz star Dappy, who said in his video: "Am I a bad boy? Yeah, a little bit. This year's been a bit crazy for me, the media has painted me out to be some sort of a monster, I'm simply here to repaint that picture."

He was shackled to Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones, who said in her video that she was "very OCD" and told host Emma Willis: "I quite like my own space."

When they were handcuffed together, she was asked how it was going to work, and said: "I especially like my own space around men," adding: "I think he's looking nervous."

Next to be handcuffed were Sam Faiers, of The Only Way Is Essex, and US actress Jasmine Waltz.

Faiers said in her video: "I'm 100% single, so if there's a nice guy in there, who knows." When they were shackled together, Waltz said: "I like this, she's hot."

Also handcuffed together were pop star Lee Ryan from boy band Blue and glamour model Casey Batchelor; Made In Chelsea's Ollie Locke and 82-year-old entertainer Lionel Blair, who asked "Couldn't you get me somebody good looking?" and Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman and former world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield.

Davidson and Nolan were given the power to release one of the couples, including themselves, and chose Dappy and Jones. Davidson said: "I think they both look a bit stressed."

But Dappy and Jones were told that they would be among three pairs who will face eviction from the show next Wednesday.

Here is a the full profiles of the 12 celebrities in the latest edition of the reality show:

Linda Nolan enjoyed chart success with hits such as I'm In The Mood For Dancing and Don't Make Waves, alongside her sisters, under the name The Nolans.

They made their TV debut in 1974 appearing on a Cliff Richard show, and after releasing cover versions they went on to score their biggest hit in 1979 when I'm In The Mood made the top three.

Nolan went on to have a musical theatre career with appearances in shows such as Blood Brothers, Pump Boys And Dinettes and Prisoner Cell Block "H".

She was treated for breast cancer in 2006, the same illness which claimed her sister Bernie last year.

Lionel Blair is a light entertainment veteran, best known to TV viewers for his stint as a team captain on charades-style TV show Give Us A Clue, after years on stage and in variety shows.

The tap-dancing star was born in Canada but came to live in Britain from the age of two onwards and his earliest public performances took place as he sheltered from air raids in the Second World War.

He studied ethnography at university but followed his passion for musical theatre and dance and, although he chalked up some acting credits, he carved out a career as a choreographer, befriending figures such as Sammy Davis Jr when they worked together.

The 82-year-old has been coy about his age and has said: "I am 59 plus VAT."

Liz Jones is a journalist and columnist whose controversial views have raised the hackles of many and she has been publicly blasted by figures such as Rihanna and Phillip Schofield.

A one-time editor of Marie Claire, she claimed she developed anorexia before her teens and claims she was removed from her post on the magazine because she refused to use models with eating disorders.

Jones earned a rebuke from Schofield for her criticism of his fellow This Morning host Holly Willoughby for not wearing make-up, and she upset singer Rihanna by calling her a "toxic role model for her army of young fans".

She chronicled her four-year marriage to fellow journalist Nirpal Dhaliwal in uncomfortable detail and later claimed to be dating a rock star. Despite polarising opinions with her views she was named columnist of the year at the British Society of Magazine Editors Awards in 2012.

Luisa Zissman was runner-up in BBC1's The Apprentice last year, losing out to friend and rival Leah Totton.

She developed her business nous by setting up her cupcake business in Hertfordshire and a baking website, and the mother of one displayed her own buns by posing for nude pictures which found their way online.

Zissman found further notoriety when it emerged she had been a regular visitor to upmarket sex parties. On joining The Apprentice last year, she said of herself: "I have the energy of a Duracell bunny, sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit, and a brain like Einstein.''

Ollie Locke has become a familiar face to Channel 4 viewers for featuring in the series Made In Chelsea, appearing in five series before announcing he was quitting.

Party animal Locke was seen in the show on numerous nights out with pals Cheska and Binky and in the past he has worked in a bar in the King's Road in London owned by Leslie Ash and Lee Chapman.

He has dated women including Sir Phillip Green's daughter Chloe and revealed he was bisexual during the first series of the show. Locke admits to vanity and always keeps his eyelash curlers to hand.

Sam Faiers is known for her appearances in the ITV2 show The Only Way Is Essex and now runs a shop, Millie's Boutique, in Brentwood with her sister Billie, who also appeared in the show.

As a youngster she showed promise as a gymnast and underwent intensive training but she broke her arm twice which led to her scaling down her Olympic ambitions.

Faiers - whose on-off relationship with co-star Joey Essex has been followed by Towie viewers - had hoped to be a Page Three girl before finding TV fame and says she would still like to model for lingerie firm Ann Summers.

Although she has agreed to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, she said in one recent interview: "I don't just want to be known for being a reality TV star. I'd love to be on Strictly or I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!"

Casey Batchelor is a regular sight for readers of men's magazines including Zoo and Nuts and she was named Miss Maxim in April 2006.

The glamour model says her curvy figure has always attracted attention, adding: "I reckon I'm the only girl I know who still shows cleavage wearing a roll-neck jumper."

Casey, who was once reported to be dating The Only Way Is Essex star Kirk Norcross, said one of her ambitions is to set up a lingerie firm.

Dappy formed his old band N-Dubz in Camden Town, north London, with his friend Fazer and cousin Tulisa when he was only 13 and went on to have a string of top 40 hits.

He has rarely been far from some form of controversy, gaffe or ill-judged remark since finding fame and has been rebuked by a government minister, castigated for his drug admissions, and appeared in court several times during his short period in the spotlight.

Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos, is well known for his woolly hat and prominent neck tattoo which reads ''RIP Dad''.

Evander Holyfield is a four-times world heavyweight boxing champion but is probably best known for the moment Mike Tyson bit off a part of his ear during a bout in Las Vegas which was dubbed the Bite Fight.

The US boxer started out as an amateur representing the USA at the 1984 Olympics before turning professional.

The Alabama-born fighter is said to have made more than 230 million US dollars in the ring.

Jasmine Waltz has carved out a career with minor roles in films and TV shows but it is her lovelife which keeps her in the news.

She has had a string of flings with reported romances including actor David Arquette and English rugby player Danny Cipriani.

The American actress also hit the headlines in 2010 when she reportedly punched Lindsay Lohan in the face during a night out.

Jim Davidson shot to fame as a stand-up comic in talent show New Faces in 1976 before going on to star in countless TV shows including The Generation Game and becoming a regular on the pantomime circuit.

His act has attracted headlines for the wrong reasons with critics regularly accusing him of pedalling a bigoted brand of humour - a charge he denies.

Last year, Davidson was told that he will face no further action in the UK after previously being arrested on suspicion of historic sexual offences.

Lee Ryan was only 17 when he shot to fame as part of UK boyband Blue.

The singer was engaged for a while to fellow popstar Liz McClarnon from Atomic Kitten but the pair split, blaming the pressure of being a celebrity couple.

Ryan was back on TV screens - and on stage - last year when Blue got back together for ITV's The Big Reunion alongside other acts including 911 and Liberty X.