September Girls

September Girls

Cursing The Sea

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(Fortuna POP!)

Before this is even out of the sleeve, it's on minus five points. You just can't call yourself September Girls, period. It's almost as bad as Yellow Submarine or Bohemian Rhapsody. And, folk music aside, while the Irish have tossed the odd gleaming punt into the waters of musical distinction, it's not the island's greatest export. Fortunately there is not a Joshua tree in sight here. Expect noise pop with knobs on, tribal drums, growling organs and candy-coated lady harmonies recorded in a cave about three blocks from the microphone. This Dublin five-piece share the same Jesus & Mary Chain/shoegazing/My Bloody Valentine lineage as kindred acts The Raveonettes and Vivian Girls, but with sprinklings of Phil Spector and a good dash of Bauhaus goth and Faith-era Cure. Left Behind is the sound of a choral girl group in a washing machine with soap and nails. The motorcade bass and needling guitars in Talking are an alluring nudge at the dancefloor. For those that like their pop hacked to pieces and reassembled underwater, this is vital listening.

Steven Vass