l Demos

l Demos

A verbatim piece that contrasted the daily meetings of the Occupy movement with Prime Minister's Question Time and involved the audience in a dramatic exploration of what democracy can mean to different people.

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l Bravo Figaro!

Political comedian Mark Thomas' solo shows normally focus on global events, but this very personal work focused on his relationship with his opera-loving father, who had been diagnosed with the degenerative disease. The show was awarded a Herald Angel, and went on to be broadcast on Radio 4.

l Quiz Show

Rob Drummond's first play beyond his own solo shows used an initially kitsch sleight-of-hand to explore a young woman's coming to terms with her mixed-up memories in a work that won the Best New Play title from the Critics' Awards For Theatre In Scotland.

l I'm With The Band

Tim Price's lively musical allegory about Scotland's forthcoming independence referendum put an Englishman, a Northern Irishman, a Scotsman and a Welshman in a band called The Union, and looked at what happens when the Scotsman decides to go solo.