Age Of Uprising (15)

Age Of Uprising (15)

Dir: Arnaud des Pallieres

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With: Mads Mikkelsen, Delphine Chuillot

Runtime: 122 minutes

BETWEEN this tale of a peasants' revolt and A Royal Affair, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen seems to be waging a one-man fight to make historical dramas crowd-pullers again.

A Royal Affair, a swirling drama about goings on at the Danish court in the 18th century, was a sleeper hit. Age Of Uprising, a story of red-blooded revenge in 16th century France, simply induces sleepiness.

The Casino Royale star plays Michael Kohlhaas, a horse trader who finds himself in a tussle with a young brat of a baron over a pair of horses. When his appeals to the legal court and the royal court go unheeded - and worse - Kohlhaas sets out to exact revenge by crossbow and raiding party.

Arnaud des Pallieres' adaptation of Henrich von Kleist's novel gets off to a tearing start only to settle into a plod.

Mikkelsen is watchable as ever, though, as the principled man scorned, even if we never quite get to the bottom of why he takes a stand.

Glasgow Film Theatre, January 10-16