The hyper-eclectic BOATS serves as a peerless point of departure for anyone seeking new musical avenues to explore.

Of the 29 artists featured, many of them signed to the world's best independent labels, here are highlights from four of them:

l Califone - Those Mountains Are God's Teeth

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Literate, effortlessly cinematic experimentalists from Chicago formed by ex-Red Red Meat lynchpin Tim Rutili in 1997. Other listening: Heron King Blues (Thrill Jockey, 2004)

l Max Tundra - You, The Living

He's been quiet of late but English electronica maverick Ben Jacobs has had an illustrious career as a musician and producer, refashioning Do You Want To for Franz Ferdinand and once covering The KLF. Other listening: Parallax Error Beheads You (Domino, 2008)

l Bear In Heaven - The Green

The New York experimental rock band streamed their fourth album via their website, time-stretching it to last 2700 hours. Pop fact - BIH are managed by expat Glaswegian Simon Henderson. Other listening: I Love You, It's Cool (Dead Oceans)

l Rustie - Boatsss

Pollokshields producer Russell Whyte has just turned 31 but is already entering his seventh year as a go-to guy for the obscure corners of electronica. You want aquacrunk? Wonky? Rustie's your man. Other listening: Glass Swords (Warp, 2011)