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Tongue Of Bombie

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The Afrobeat guitar licks that caused Bwani Junction's debut album Fully Cocked to be compared to Vampire Weekend are now but one tool in the musical box as far as these young Scots are concerned. That distinctive style - taught directly to guitarist Dan Muir by The Bhundu Boy's Rise Kagona - still has its overt moments, as demonstrated on the title track, but it's now better absorbed into the fabric of the songs, and it would be wrong to define the band by this alone. Indeed, they come out fighting on opener Papa Candy, edging closer to Arctic Monkeys than anything that hails from south of the Sahara. Foals and Bloc Party might also be fair names to drop in their vicinity, as the songs frequently throw a rhythmic spanner in the works, chopping up Jack Fotheringham's drum patterns while making Fergus Robson's bass sound as fluid as it is often funky. The big tunes and bigger choruses of Caveman and Civil War assume indie-rock arena dimensions as, one after another, each track hits the heights, all the way down the line.

Alan Morrison