Alan Davies has an exciting year ahead.

The comedian will kick off his Little Victories tour in April, visiting Perth, Aberdeen and Glasgow, and Davies said: "It's great playing in front of a Scottish crowd, it's always great in Scotland.

"I decided to start touring again in 2012 because I missed doing stand-up. Stand-up's what I've always done the best and at least you've only got yourself to blame if it doesn't go well.

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"The name Little Victories comes from an anecdote in the show about me trying to get my father to eat jam when I was about nine. However, the show's about a mixture of things from being a parent to my dad being ill and not having sex because I'm 47, but it all comes back to a similar theme to my last show, Life is Pain, and it's about the little moments between all the drudgery, pain and hard work."

As if launching a new tour was not enough, Davies will also return to our screens as the host of a BBC comedy show about the Winter Olympics, before making his comeback as the lovable detective Jonathan Creek in a new three-part series.

He said: "We've done some specials but this is the first proper little series in a decade. Creek's now married and working in an advertising agency so things are a bit different but he still stumbles upon a mystery. We've got some great guest stars in the series, we've got June Whitfield playing twins, John Bird and we'll be doing a Sherlock spoof in the first episode so I think fans should enjoy it."

Davies is well known for playing the Edinburgh Festival and his passion for football but what else does he love about Scotland? We set him our Tartan Test to find out.

The Tartan Test

Edinburgh or Glasgow? I've spent more time in Edinburgh because of the festival so that'd be my choice but if Glasgow had a festival it would probably be the other way round.

Highlands or Lowlands? I haven't really seen enough of either. I drove up one year through Glencoe and it was absolutely stunning, one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in my life. Is that Highlands or Lowlands? Wherever that is I love.

Trainspotting or Whisky Galore? Trainspotting

Rugby or football? Football

Golf or Curling? Curling

Kilt: traditional Scotsman or non-traditional? I would probably would say non-traditional but I wouldn't know what I was saying with that. I think the chances of me ever wearing a kilt are extremely slim.

Sir Walter Scott or Ian Rankin? I haven't read a page of either of them.

Robert the Bruce or William Wallace? Robert the Bruce probably.

Robert Burns or Liz Lochhead? Liz Lochhead

Billy Connolly or Kevin Bridges? That's a really unfair questions, he (Kevin Bridges) is only 25. I'd say Kevin bridges, support the youngsters.

Sean Connery or Ewan McGregor? Ewan McGregor

Paolo Nutini or Calvin Harris? I have no idea.

David Moyes or Sir Alex Ferguson? Oh God. If you want one running your football club it's Ferguson but if you want to be stranded on a desert island with one then you'd have Moyes.

Irn Bru or whisky? I'm not drinking at the moment, I'm completely off, it's not compatible with having two children in the house so Irn Bru.

Haggis: vegetarian or meat? Vegetarian

Salt and vinegar or salt and sauce? Salt and sauce

Tablet or shortbread? Shortbread

Bread: plain or pan? Plain, don't know what pan is.

Fried Mars Bars or marmalade? Marmalade. I don't know why anyone would eat a fried Mars bar.