Team Effort!

Tramway, Glasgow

This was a "one night only" showing, where no-one quite knows what to expect - and that probably includes the six artists who have been bouncing ideas off one another across a recent twelvemonth Team Effort! artist development project. That interaction will no doubt prove an invaluable seed-bed for future collaborations and individual performances.

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What we saw on Saturday, produced by Gilly Roche as part of the Tramway's Rip It Up season, was a multi-disciplinary collage of notions created in a whirl of freefall associations across one week and gleefully given the title The Cult Of The Worst.

Artists Eilidh MacAskill, Fergus Dunnet, Kim Moore, Martin O'Connor, Rose Ruane and Stef Smith - joined, for the night, by musicians Gareth Griffiths and John Lemke - had clustered together their own responses to a beaky-freaky strand where birds were a recurring springboard for text and movement while the arcane togetherness of a cult was nodded at by the long-billed masks worn by all.

Us too, at the end, when a ritual of communal grooving rounded off a very merry mosaic of monologue, banter, film and music. In truth, this array of fragments isn't the stuff of a fully-fledged, reviewable show. But it was packed with watchable moments from everyone involved.

The thrumming underscoring by Moore and fellow musicians - shot through with melodic or malevolent bird calls - really wove the strands together. Brought a primal feel to snippets that played with verbal and visual imagery derived from the elemental forces represented by birds, with everything from Hitchcock to the shaking of sexy tail feathers, puppetry and incantations served up in a "go for it" spirit of shared curiosity.