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Marit & Rona


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Turas may have resulted as part of Rona Wilkie's prize for winning the Young Scottish Traditional Musician of the Year title in 2012 but it actually shows how much she has matured as a fiddler and musician in general (illness robbed her of her voice in the final) in the short time since that success. It's very much a team effort with Scandinavian latmandola specialist and singer Marit Fält as the music ebbs and flows, with each player switching soloist and accompanist roles seamlessly, and while percussionist Allan Òg MacDonald and the Catilena string quartet come onboard at times, it really showcases Marit & Rona's self-sufficiency as a duo, with much of the music carrying the raw spontaneity and vibrant immediacy of a live performance. The arrangements are atmospheric, imaginative - the high keening notes of the Hardanger fiddle create a very effective introduction to Wilkie's reading of Gaelic song Fhuair Mi Pòg - and adventurous, with Psalm 107 fitting beautifully into a haunting middle eastern setting.

Rob Adams