Free Nelson MandoomJazz

Free Nelson MandoomJazz

The Shape of DoomJazz to Come/Saxophone Giganticus

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(Rare Noise Records)

A controversial clause in Bruce's Theory of Scottish Musical Creativity runs that while Glasgow produces the more successful, career-orientated pop stars and bands, more creative leaps and inventive sounds are made by bands from Edinburgh. To add to a list that includes Fire Engines and Boards Of Canada, welcome Free Nelson MandoomJazz, a trio that shares a sax, bass and drums line-up with Boston's Morphine and Yorkshire's Back Door, but are doing entirely their own post-rock metal avant-bop thing. Bassist Colin Stewart often favours a fuzzed-up sound, while drummer Paul Archibald swings things in a pretty leisurely style. The nod to Ornette Coleman comes from saxophonist Rebecca Sneddon, who can wig out with the best of them, when she is not giving Stewart his soloing chances. Half-a-dozen long, atmospheric tracks are followed by a cover of Black Sabbath's titular anthem from their eponymous debut disc, which Bruce's Theory of Global Musical History identifies as the perfect heavy rock riff.

Keith Bruce