Pam Ann

Pam Ann

King's Theatre, Glasgow

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Marianne Gunn

There was always going to be an elephant in the room, in light of the current aviation story that has been perpetuating masses of online speculation and theories. Pam Ann, who has made a career as a spoof Pan Am parody flight attendant, did not shy away from the topic. In fact, observations peppered her show, Fly, with the delicious flavours only found in the most forbidden fruit.

Pam Ann evidently has a large following in Glasgow and if there is an element of gratuitous swearing that wouldn't go down well with everyone, the packed rows at the King's shrieked and howled with laughter at her more blue comedic moments (and there were many of them).

In-jokes with flight attendants are Pam Ann's bread and butter: sly alliterative digs at the suggestively whispering Virgin girls or a downright verbal assault on two unsuspecting FlyBe audience members (Natasha and Emily) set the airborne tone, while her bad taste safety video in the second half would actually make you reconsider stepping foot on a plane any time soon.

With brutal digs at Thomson Airways and wry observations about Air Kuwait, Emirates, Air France and KLM, she's on home soil sharing views on the different tiers of British Airways, more akin to an old-fashioned class system than an airline.

Running out of steam a little in the second half, and more reliant on her video presentations, audience interaction reached its peak when sprightly Bryce from the front row took Pam Ann on for a dance off, and she tapped into comedy gold when an air traffic controller from the front stalls gave his very frank opinion about the lost plane.

Totally outrageous and far removed from politically correct, it was the perfect pre-club night to leave you shaken, stirred and ever-so-slightly violated.