Event: Matt Cardle, musician, The Arches, Glasgow

Verdict by Esther Bennett - Waters: 4 stars.

Saturday night was Matt Cardle night at The Arches in Glasgow. The gig was intimate with only a couple of hundred of us in the crowd which for me, was perfect. His voice was as stunning as ever and it carried through the audience who seemed captured by it, Matt looked every inch the pop star in his red tartan kilt and sporran, a nice touch that his fans here would appreciate.

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He seemed to enjoy his time on stage but I can't help feeling a little let down with the actual amount of time he spent there, the set finishing in less than an hour and a half and for the twenty pounds price tag on each ticket, I left wanting to have seen more. Other than that I thought Matt was extremely humble, thanking us as fans for our support, especially through his difficult time battling with his personal demons back in January.

On stage he seemed happy and healthy and I for one am pleased that he is finally living his dream.