Fiona McKinlay's verdict: 4 stars

Starting with a video sequence showing Busted alumni James Bourne and Matt Willis unsubtly ripping off Back To The Future, the pair arrive on stage in a DeLorean while their McFly buddies shoot straight out of the floor.

Playing a run of Busted hits to kick things off, a string of McFly oldies follow neatly. The band bound around their stage, complete with enclosed pit for expensive OMFG Zone ticket holders as the Hydro goes nuts.

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This after a sketchy start that involved one support act being completely shelved and a stage time for the supergroup half an hour later than advertised.

Fans at the rear of the venue get a treat when the band descend from a UFO suspended in the middle of the venue, complete with light-up mic stands and guitars. A ropey start to Room On The 3rd Floor confirms the authenticity of their performance, which is otherwise pretty patch-free.

The filler videos are both clever and funny, but there's a little too much of them. Something some fans are also likely to grumble about is the sheer quantity of Busted songs. McFly's Love Is Easy is among the disappointing omissions from their far larger back catalogue. Although with the set tonight having probably been cut short to meet curfew, maybe more will feature on other dates.

Busted hit Crashed The Wedding is a highlight, with Willis donning a white gown for the occasion. Giant footballs bounce over the crowd during What I Go To School For, and a literally flaming McBusted sign creates a pretty cool backdrop for Shine A Light.

The energy and atmosphere were incredible, the guys' faces beaming with joy at the semi-comeback that has panned out far bigger than their or anyone else's wildest dreams.