The Strike - This 1988 film from The Comic Strip focused on a former miner and would-be screenwriter, whose account of the strike is picked up by Hollywood producers.

They proceed to cast Al Pacino (played by Peter Richardson) as miners' leader Arthur Scargill and Meryl Steep (Jennifer Saunders) as his wife in a big budget movie. This award-winning satire also starred Robbie Coltrane and Alexei Sayle.

Billy Elliot - Like Brassed Off, Lee Hall's film about a young boy who wants to be a ballet dancer was set against a backdrop of the miners' strike in Tyneside. Released in 2000, it made a star of Jamie Bell, and has gone on to become a hit stage musical.

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The Battle of Orgreave - In 2001, artist Jeremy Deller staged a re-enactment of the June 1984 running battles between police and miners. Featuring more than 1000 volunteers, it was captured by film-maker Mike Figgis.