Dewar House Presents

Dewar House Presents

Experimental Batch Number 26

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(Chemikal Underground)

Over the past few years, certain sections of the Scottish music scene have benefitted greatly from the well-adjusted ear of Dewar's global marketing manager, Stephen Marshall, as he has found the funding to support some genuinely adventurous tours and events. This particular recording is a case in point: a one-off collaboration between disparate musicians brought together for five days in 2012 while the TED Global conference was in Edinburgh. There are tremendous individual vocal contributions to indie-folk-flavoured songs from the likes of James Yorkston, Lomond Campbell, Raghu Dixit and Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club, while musos will be intrigued to spot The Delgados' Paul Savage on drums as well as production duties, and hear some of the last close harmonies shared by King Creosote and The Pictish Trail before the Fence Records split. However, it's the beautifully balanced Scottish-Indian global fusion of the songs Piya and Earth In Fewer Words that are the true highlights: on the former, Suhail Yusuf Khan's sarangi and King Creosote's accordion seem as naturally matched as the musicians' intertwining voices.

Alan Morrison