Event: NYOS Spring Concerts, classical music, Caird Hall, Dundee and GRCH, Glasgow

Review by Alan Scott Robertson, 58, Glasgow: five stars.

We attended the NYOS concert in Dundee on Friday, as we had to collect our daughter after the concert, but we enjoyed it so much that we returned for a second helping in Glasgow, the following night. It was very interesting to compare the acoustic influence of the two halls - in the dry acoustic of GRCH, every detail of the orchestra's very precise and well-balanced playing came across with stunning clarity.

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With the support of the more resonant acoustic of the Caird Hall, the hushed playing of the strings in Nimrod created a magical, ethereal effect, and the hall's magnificent organ added even more grandeur to the final bars of the Enigma Variations.

Walton's Johannesburg Festival Overture was a wonderful opener - I despair that Walton only merits one entry in the 2014 Classic FM Hall of Fame.

James MacMillan's trumpet Concerto, Epiclesis was given an exhilarating performance, both by the soloist, Mark O'Keeffe and the orchestra and Peter Longworth's NYOS commissioned partita, Ludi was a very effective prelude to the Elgar.

Despite the excellence of the concert, however, I feel compelled, once again to bemoan the lack of public support given to these wonderful young musicians - in Saturday's Herald article, Michael Tumelty pondered about the lack of concert-goers attending NYOS events. If the meagre size of the Glasgow audience caused him alarm, then the even thinner turnout in Dundee would have caused him great despair.

If you've never heard a youth orchestra perform live before, try listening to this performance also given last Saturday, by another similar orchestra, NYOGB http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0414dm5, and maybe it will encourage you to support NYOS events in future.