Brody Dalle

Brody Dalle

Garage, Glasgow

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Jonathan Geddes

If Brody Dalle's upcoming solo album Diploid Love is packed to the brim with guests and musical surprises, from Shirley Manson to mariachi flourishes, then her live show was back to basics. This was uncomplicated and noisy, rattling by in just under an hour and placing emphasis on Dalle's ferocious vocals.

Ironically, it was the sheer noise that hindered matters. The sound mix was muddy, and although Dalle's work with The Distillers benefited from a down 'n' dirty feel, here some material was so indecipherable it appeared to be coming from inside a barrel being rolled into a crypt.

That was frustrating, given that the actual tunes possessed plenty of life when you could hear them. Meet The Foetus/Oh The Joy switched deftly from a swaggering stomp into a rapid-fire rhythm, and Don't Mess With Me was like 99 Red Balloons given a fuzzy, sleazy makeover.

That tune also served as a reminder of Dalle's pop wits, while the stoner rock of Blood In Gutters provided a nicely slow-burning contrast to urgent tunes selected from The Distillers days, of which the always fiery Coral Fang delivered the strongest kick.

Dalle herself was a tad subdued early on, perhaps unsurprising given it was the tour's first night, but she was soon jovial enough to lead a happy birthday chant for her drummer, complete with a cake being presented onstage.

The night's finale was more sour, however. The intense Underworld should have served as a fine set-closer, but confusion over raising the lights meant the audience expected an encore that never arrived, resulting in the gig concluding, awkwardly, to some booing.