An Edinburgh-based duo made up of Frenchman Fabien Pinardon and Ulsterman Sean Ormsby, Night Noise Team have released two albums on their own label and, seven years after their debut, make it a holy trinity of sorts with this collection of new work.

If you're the right age, you'll hear fragments of every 1980s Scottish band from Hipsway to Orange Juice via Jazzateeers and Blue Nile. If you're not, know that Ormsby and Pinardon have their fingers in other sonic pies too - Hot Chip in their more soulful moments would be an equally good yardstick, and who knows which French acts of recent years. Too much comparison is invidious, though. The Gallic-Irish mash-up clearly presents a menu of collaborative possibilities many bands don't have. Many are evocative of Pinardon and Ormsby's adopted home too: the melancholic and compositionally daring High Line, for instance, and Suddenly, a neatly crafted pop song which, along with the rest of Rever Electrique, deserves a wider airing.

Barry Didcock

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