Event: Aleksandra Domanovic 'Things to Come', visual art, GoMA, Glasgow

Review by Mary Stevens, 25, Edinburgh: four stars

What I knew of the Domanovic exhibition before I saw it first hand was limited. I had heard that it was good and had seen blurry phone camera pictures, not quite preparing me for what it actually was. Doing a quick run around the show before boarding the train back to Edinburgh was completely insufficient. However the show has stayed in my mind.

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Upon entering the space, the viewer is overwhelmed with the scale of the work and utility of the space. The ground floor gallery is opened up, light, and beautiful as the backdrop for the work. While the context of science fiction meets neoclassical architecture is unusual at first, the links become apparent as one moves through the show. Notions of labour are touched upon by looking at women's role in the development of technology, echoing the labour of women who worked in the original GoMA building almost 135 years ago.

What struck me about the show was the unusual and very sculptural use of material. Prints from Science Fiction films printed on foil, are tactile and move in a very unnatural way. Yet it counters the hard steel and metal that we associate with the genre.

Drawing on these contexts make for an exhibition that is original and enlightening. It prompts further question into the way women are portrayed in fictional contexts as conventional characters. The fictional future, created by Sci Fi is questioned by Domanovic who sees that while it may be technologically advanced, it is also incredibly flawed.