Pearce Institute, Glasgow

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Mary Brennan

Over. Gone. But unlikely to be forgotten - for one thing, there are the MopTops, the youth performance group initiated by Buzzcut and Imaginate. MopTop t-shirts were much in evidence during the five-day free event, while the group's own devised work will get an airing in June. Moreover when Will Dickie's Team of the Decades made sport in Elder Park, the Buzzcut participants were soon joined by local lads - Dickie's art being open to all in Govan.

Some performances were on a smaller scale. A daily series of five minute one-to-ones encouraged us to reflect on everyday stuff we take forgranted or simply don't make time for at all. Peter McMaster, however, broke his own rule when he allowed two of us to be part of his Gold Piece. In fact, since there were three pottery shards on the table, the process of mending, then - as in the Japanese tradition of kintsugi - anointing the breakage with gold leaf, took on unexpected dimensions as we silently shared in an act of gilded reconstruction that celebrated co-operation and mutual respect.

Broken hearts aren't always easily mended. Fox Solo, with Isolde Godfrey as her gorgeously costumed animal-human hybrid persona, Foxy, spilled the milk and the beans (literally) on a love affair that didn't just go to the dogs, it was with a dog, the nodding toy husky who is also on-stage. Irresistably funny, bizarre and sneakily clever, Fox Solo pounces on the hopes and hurts of romance by letting animals do the lip-synched talking about emotions - they're not human, they don't feel, do they? A fabulous, appropriately provocative "think on" ending to the third Buzzcut festival.