When Prince comes to town, you should know to expect the unexpected.

Herald & Times Senior Group Multimedia Editor Brodie Duncan was one of the lucky ones who got to see him live TWICE - and he didn't even have to pay.

Brodie went to one of the SECC's gigs, which took place on March 13 and 14 in 1995 as part of The Ultimate Live Experience tour.

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Let's go crazy: Prince is coming to the Hydro

He said: "I went with my friend Shan, it was a freebie.

"He had just released his new album, and he did lots of his hits including the songs from the Batman movie.

"I remember thinking he was really small but the atmosphere was great."

Brodie admits he wasn't the biggest Prince fan but he soon changed his mind after seeing him live.

"He has a great stage presence, he added."

As the show at the SECC came to end, one of the Purple One's band members suddenly announced that the party would continue at the city's iconic Garage nightclub.

Brodie said: "We walked from the SECC to The Garage, the crowd outside was huge.

"I knew the doorman so I managed to get into the show and I didn't pay anything. He played some more songs and some other album tracks. It was a great night."

Our reviewer John Williamson also caught the show and you can read his thoughts here

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