Sci-fi fans will be using the force and honing their lightsaber skills this weekend as they prepare to celebrate Star Wars Day.

The day, held on May 4, a date chosen for its similarity to the film's popular line "May the force be with you", gives fans the chance to watch the classic films and embrace all things Star Wars. To help you prepare here are 10 tracks inspired by Star Wars.

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Cosmic Girl


The second single from the British funk band's third album, this track features numerous references to Star Wars and other science fiction shows.



Taken from the band's debut album, Blunted on Reality, this track includes the line "When it come to rappin', I'm the Darth Vader".

These Aren't the Droids you're looking for

Queens of the Stone Age

Appearing on their album The Split, this track is named after one of the most famous lines from Star Wars. Frontman Josh Homme said: "The song's about mind control. I guess I sort of am a Star Wars geek in a way, hence the song title."

Happy Valentine's Day


Taken from the band's album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, this track features the lyric "Han Solo till I'm hit by the bullet, so may the Force/Be with you, and I'll hit you when better time permits".

Rhyme or Reason


Taken from The Marshall Mathers LP2, this track contains several Star Wars references including "A Jedi in training, colossal brain and, thoughts of entertaining" and "Luke Skywalker, but sound like Chewbacca when I talk".

Darkside Lightside


Released on the band's album 1977, this track ends with a choral version of the Star Wars theme. The band are big Star Wars fans and performed a cover of Cantina Band as the b-side for their single Girl from Mars.

Bicycle Race


Written by Freddie Mercury, this track includes the line "Jaws was never my scene and I don't like Star Wars".

Viva Life on Mars

Robbie Williams

Taken from Williams' seventh studio album Rudebox, this track includes the lines: "Take a ride on your high horse/If the horse is blind, use the Force/The Falcon flies in two straight lines/Red Five standing by, it's not a moon it's a space station".


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Released in 2000, this track mentioned Alderaan and references both Star Trek and Star Wars. The song is about the dark side of Hollywood and the export of culture through the movie industry. It was influenced by The Cure track Carnage Visors.


Kanye West

Taken from his second album Late Registration, this track features the lyrics "and if I ever switch sides like Anakin/you'll sell everything including the mannequin". The song contains samples of It's Too Late as performed by Otis Redding.