Another fine showing from Glasgow veterans

Although his hub of operations for the past two decades has been East Kilbride Arts Centre where, as well as Gorbals Sound studio in Glasgow, much of this album was recorded, I first encountered David Scott of The Pearlfishers in Cumbernauld, and there is still more Gregory's Girl than Jesus And Mary Chain about his music.

This, incredibly, is the seventh album of his Pearlfishers songs to be released by Hamburg's Marina label and his pop sensibility is still absolutely intact even if there is the sound of a more mature and even world-weary voice in some of the lyrics here.

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It would be wrong to overstate that, though. Opener Diamanda outdoes the "get out of bed" imperative of the Boo Radleys and Silly Bird is Paul Simon at his lightest, decorated with the sort of Beach Boys harmonies that few attempt but Scott achieves effortlessly.

It is always 60s and 70s American pop that is referenced as far as his work is concerned, but the influence of classic UK pop is just as detectable on much of this substantial collection (16 songs and over an hour of music), and I Don't Want To Know About It (co-written with Erin Moran) would be understood anywhere, anytime.