Think of this as the Scottish indie-folk scene's equivalent of Them Crooked Vultures or The Travelling Wilburys:

Neil Pennycook and Pete Harvey (from Meursault), Jill O'Sullivan (Sparrow And The Workshop), Rob St John (eagleowl and Meursault), Rory Sutherland (Broken Records) and Rueben Taylor (James Yorkston & The Athletes), coming together over the course of a week to record nine self-penned songs and one Dino Valenti cover. The results are more or less what you'd expect if you follow any of those bands, but by no means the poorer for it. Indeed, if you've ever woken from a happy dream of Bonnie Prince Billy fronting eagleowl or long for the spirit of Nick Drake to wander the streets of Stockbridge, then that's pretty much the reality here, as drone-like textures form the initial building blocks beneath some truly beautiful vocal harmonies and Americana-inflected melodies. It's fascinating to hear how the balance tilts in favour of one musician, only to shift back in favour of another, all the while making music that thrives as a collaborative effort.

Alan Morrison

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