An Englishman, a Swede and a Dane, Phronesis have found their own position in the currently well-populated piano, bass and drums trio market in jazz, and it's no surprise that they are now among the bigger draws on the European scene because there's an optimism and a certain controlled flamboyance about their music that springs to life especially on live recordings.

Their Alive album from 2010, on which American Mark Guiliana guested in place of their regular drummer, Anton Eger, was an intensely exciting, effervescent affair and this is its natural successor. Even in their darker moments they're never far away from a rush of leaping, bubbling basslines from their guiding light, Jasper Høiby, bolstering acutely melodic piano invention from Ivo Neame and in partnership with Eger's boisterous, virtuosic clatter. All three musicians contribute three compositions here and they are all of a piece, merging dramatic bowed melodies, bright, chiming piano patterns and a carnival-like joie de vivre that puts the listener almost onstage with the band.

Rob Adams

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