Event: Love in a... pop-up classical music concert, National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh

Review by Alan Laing, 35, Edinburgh: five stars

Love in a… has been a series of pop-up concerts which this year marked the centenary of the start of World War One bringing together songs and the written word reflecting the experiences and emotions on both sides of the Great War.

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Sung beautifully by Chris Elliot and Emma Morwood with a beautiful accompaniment by Andrew Brown on the piano, Love in a... mixes both English and German, while encompassing love and loss in war.

The settting, where soldiers and war are remembered, celebrated and mourned within a gallery, brings an added level of haunting reality to the raw emotion of performers who walk amongst the audience, connecting both with each other and the crowd.

This is another beautiful example of how music can be delivered in an innovative way which brings together an audience of those who have come to listen and watch, with the unsuspecting visitors at the location. All end up captivated.

With more concerts in the coming months, this is a must-see. Catch it while you can.