Almost a quarter of a century has passed since the then enfants terribles of folk music - concertinist Simon Thoumire and guitarist Ian Carr - released an LP of the inventive and at times bordering on the bonkers take on traditional music with which they were entertaining and possibly perplexing folk audiences.

They were a double act like no other, and it's a pleasure to report that, although they may have matured, it's only their hair that they've lost. The gleeful sense of fun and daring improvisation they brought to dance tunes, allied to no little respect for dance band forebears including Bobby Crowe and Ian Powrie, are, if anything, more pronounced now and the contrasts between off-kilter deconstruction or expansive investigation of a melody and racing, full-on and at times downright swinging momentum are doubly effective. When they play it straight, as on Carr's waltz set, they can charm; but when they go for it, they're an unstoppable force of mad virtuosity.

Rob Adams

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