Verdict: four stars

Back in the late 80s, a force like no other stole the hearts of thousands of girls worldwide.

Those same girls are now women - with mortgages, husbands and kids - and judging by the reaction of them at the Clyde Auditorium tonight, all the worries of modern life were quickly forgotten.

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And it would appear that the New Kids on the Block still have the 'right stuff' for bringing out the teenage version of women everywhere.

The boys - now men in their 40s - appeared on stage still looking as fresh faced as the Smash Hits covers they once adorned - and sounding better than most of the boybands who followed hot on their trail.

Opening up with the up-tempo Crash, brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Danny Wood, Joey McInytre and Donnie Wahlberg then belted out new hit Remix (I Like The).

Summertime followed before we were taken back to where it all begin with You Got It (The Right Stuff) - and yes we all still remembered the 'dust off you shoulders' dance routine.

Jordan then teased, "Glasgow, how you feeling tonight?"

The boys choose the city to end their European tour - and I'm pretty sure their last date is one they won't forget.

Especially because the group decided to step into the crowd - and it was touch and go for an entire track as to whether the adoring fans would let Donnie and Danny back on the stage.

The show gave the kind of intimacy the fans could only dream of 25 years ago with the boys regularly chatting, reaching out to touch audience members and occasionally flashing their remarkably toned torsos - not that we minded one bit.

A highlight was a melody of covers that included Take That's Back for Good, Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way and Prince's classic Kiss.

In a touching tribute to the band, the Scottish fans held up Thank You signs as Jordan lead the way with the much-loved ballad I'll Be Loving You before the group ended on a high note with Hangin' Tough.

The last decade has brought a wave of reunions from the world of pop, but the five-year-old me never thought I would get so lucky to see the New Kids on the Block back on a Glasgow stage.

The boys have had more success than other groups who have reunited because they are simply talented vocalists.

The magic that they had back when they were young men has only matured as they have got older.

And with a promise from Joey of "We will be back," the fans - myself included - can't wait for the next instalment of the New Kids on the Block story.