A Scots musician is taking the internet by storm thanks to his latest creation and the backing of one of America's best known geeks.

Greig Stewart, 29, from Glasgow, uploaded a video of him playing the Game of Thrones theme on his NESKeytar, an instrument he built by combining a NES games console, guitar hero controller and a toy keyboard, to YouTube earlier this month.

The video has now received over 215,000 views and has been backed by Big Bang Theory and former Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton, who wrote a blog about it and featured an excerpt from it on his American Syfy channel show, the Wil Wheaton Project.

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It has also been picked up by a variety of popular sites including engadget, laughingsquid, synthopia, venturebeat and cnet.

Stewart, who posts videos under his alias Theremin Hero, said: "The internet loves Game of Thrones and I love it too so it was an obvious choice to me as I knew it would be instantly recognisable as well as fun to play.

"I felt a combination of pure joy and shock when I found out that Wil had picked up on my video and his support has caused it to skyrocket. I think it went from 30,000 views to 100,000 in a matter of hours. I guess that's the power of having 2.63m followers on Twitter!

"I have the deepest respect for Wil, he's a cool guy and a true ambassador of geek culture."

Stewart, who also plays laser harp and theremin, came up with the idea for his NESKeytar in August 2013 and has spent around 300 hours building it.

However, despite reaching the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent in 2012 with his chiptune and dance track laser harp performances, the inventive musician says he was not prepared for the reaction his latest creation has received.

He said: "The response has been overwhelmingly positive and that's something that I didn't expect, the amount of positivity.

"You can never estimate how popular things will get on the internet, it's just the nature of the beast. All I could do was promote it the best I could and luckily for me some fairly big sites got interested right away."

Stewart says he has plenty more ideas up his sleeve but for now he plans to focus on his new invention.

He added: "I want to concentrate on writing more music that I can learn on the NESKeytar and play a more conventions and festivals before starting my next project."