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Club AC30

There are few bands from Japan that have made much of an impression on these islands. The's would hardly trip off the tongue of most music-gorgers, yet their pop-punk classic Woo Hoo, championed by director Quentin Tarantino for the soundtrack of his Kill Bill Vol 1 movie, is about familiar as Japanese pop music gets: and that was a cover.

However, the Tokyo indie pop quartet Taffy could easily smash open those closed doors, with the right level of promotion. This compilation, which sounds like a lost early 1990s indie classic, is as perfect an introduction to Taffy as Your New Favourite Band was to Swedish garage punks The Hives.

The opener Tune In A Jar comes over like a turbulent fuzzball mashup of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and The Jesus And Mary Chain. Then the gloriously fey standout Jolly Orange tones down the noise-pop and places the melody upfront to similar devastating results. The irresistible Pixies-esque KMS seals the deal just three songs in, with hooks that burst through and guitars that shatter all in the right places.

This 40-minute feast may sound vintage, but only because Taffy distil the best bits of shoegaze, grunge and indie in one potent brew.