Pikes Peak EP

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A Scottish band - all instruments, no vocals - building big, textured pieces that develop and embellish repeated phrases in loud-quiet-loud bursts…

Someone, sooner or later, is going to mention the M-word. But Mogwai don't have the monopoly on this genre and, anyway, everyone constructs their own music with different emphasis on post-rock/shoegaze/krautrock ingredients.

Edinburgh's Wozniak once pitched themselves to me as "think jet engines, hurricanes, dinosaurs, blackholes".

Yes, that's all tangible on this new EP, but it doesn't do justice to their musicality.

Lead track El Maresme is built on drums that perform a never-ending series of forward-rolling somersaults, guitar textures at polar opposites and a bass that snarls and prowls relentlessly.

Opposing elements are perhaps the key to their distinctive sound: what dovetails together and what's deliberately set at odds, such as the acoustic guitar strum against the electrified pedal effects of Paper Hat or, more rhythmically, the number of notes played by both guitars in direct contrast on Kreuzberg.