She may have found fame on Bafta-winning scripted reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex, but it seems that there's more to Samantha Faiers than living a well reem life (if in doubt - Google it).

The 23-year-old has experienced something of a whirlwind year since leaving the programme, appearing in Celebrity Big Brother, writing a column for OK magazine and learning to live with Crohn's disease after her diagnosis.

Her latest venture - the launch of her first fragrance La Bella - will bring her to Glasgow as part of a nationwide tour, but it's not the first time the actress has visited.

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"Glasgow's such a great city, and I particularly like the buildings. I can't wait to arrive and meet the Scottish fans [at the signing], and of course go out to eat later on.

"Last time we were here we went to 29 Grill at the Square - it was gorgeous."

La Bella may be Faiers' first foray into the world of fragrance, but anyone who believes the actress is just another reality star robot with no control over her image should dispel those thoughts.

"When I created the scent, I knew what I wanted it to smell like: elegant and classy. So I wanted the label image to reflect that - for the colours to be chic. It took us two days to create that cover shot, with myself working closely with the stylist with the outfit and hair and make-up.

"Plus, the beautiful location in London helped to make me feel good. That's an important part of the shot."

It's a message Faiers is keen to pass on to the women who buy pieces from her clothes shop in Essex, Minnies, as well as her fragrance.

"It's important for me to make women feel good about themselves. With our clothes at Minnies, we want to encourage girls to dress in pieces that suit their figures, their hair colour and their skin tone.

"I made all the mistakes growing up with things I wore - clothes that didn't suit my shape, and that made me look too busty. But I just want women to feel comfortable in themselves, and in a way I'm helping with that by learning from my own mistakes.

"Before I started on Towie and Minnies I was working for Lloyds TSB, and was quite high up having been promoted several times. I don't think a lot of people would expect me to say that.

"But family has always been so important to me, so if the acting and the business hadn't happened, I'd like to think I'd be doing something with them - a family business like running a tea shop.

"They're all great cooks - I'm not quite at Celebrity MasterChef level yet, but I'm getting there!"

And for the future, Faiers isn't happy to settle on her laurels.

"Over the next ten years I'm determined to make a success of the 'Samantha' brand, as it were. I'd like to make a go of things internationally, as well as getting married and having kids, too.

"Not too busy or anything, then!"

Samantha Faiers will be appearing at the Fragrance Shop, Buchanan Galleries, on Saturday July 5 at 2pm.