Well well well! It's all getting very close now.

Next week the Edinburgh Fringe begins! I'm actually very excited. I feel a bit like an archaeologist at a dig. I've previewed my show a few times and it's emerging. It's like I'm dusting the sand and gravel from the treasure I've dug out of the ground and I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth anything. There are way more funny bits than last week and also there is a big serious bit. It turns out I am really passionate and angry about something! Who knew?

The children are excited about coming to Edinburgh and the youngest is almost completely potty trained. He has the odd mishap when he is getting carried away but it's nearly done. It's almost as if his potty training has followed the same line as my show. I have the odd mishap but it's pretty much done.

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Since we last spoke I have been honing the show but also managed to find a couple of days to nip out and see the other half in Romania. He is currently filming a movie there with Jane Seymour. She is a little older now but still incredibly beautiful, with all the grace and charm of someone who had been in the spotlight for much of her life. They film loads of movies in Romania. Borat, Cold Mountain and - of course - a whole host of Dracula movies.

With all this show previewing and travel, I have barely had time to indulge in any silly videos on Facebook. I have however been to a few sports days. With three kids, the end of term is a busy time. Between end of year shows, assemblies and sports days, I have been quite the feature at the kids' schools. Sports Days are interesting. I always want to cheer for my kids but I don't want to appear like "one of those" parents so I also cheer for their friends. My rule is if I know the kids name, I cheer. Some parents find it difficult to conceal their competitive nature, which is all the more entertaining if their children are not the most sporty. One father was yelling at his son: "Come on. Hurry up! Don't embarrass yourself!"

Now this I thought was strange on two counts. One - that he says it to his child at all. That's horrible and also I'm fairly certain that wouldn't motivate me. My mother was always a big fan of the "proving-people-wrong" school but being of a more sensitive nature, I prefer gentle word of soothing encouragement. The second reason I find this strange is that the father was in no way ashamed of what he was yelling. If he speaks to them like that in public, what does he say in private? I would be mortified if people thought I was horrible to my children. There have been times of extreme exhaustion when I have actually invited people over just so that I up my "parenting game" as I'm a lot less likely to be short-tempered and ratty when there are other people around.

At sports days, schools divide the kids into teams. The children in older years don't know the younger ones but as soon as those younger kids start winning races, for subsequent races, they all know that name. My eldest won her first race and as soon as she'd proved herself they were all squealing her name.

I guess in that respect it's a bit like the Edinburgh Fringe. Now if I could just win that first race……