In the fourth of our new series, In Vogue tells us about his Fringe show and what makes him laugh.

Tell us about your Fringe show

It's a one man cabaret that celebrates and desecrates the entire back catalogue of the undisputed Queen of Pop as you've never heard or seen before (and I don't mean Lady Gaga!).

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Best thing about the Fringe?

The fabulous people you meet from all around the world.

Worst thing about the Fringe?

Pushing through the crowds on the Royal Mile when you're running late for a show.

How many years have you been coming to the Fringe?

Last year was my first time.

Favourite Fringe venue?

Assembly Checkpoint. Last year I saw New Yorker Lady Rizo and Aussies Ali McGregor and Lior there. This year it's my turn!

Best Fringe memory?

Meeting David Sedaris after his book reading, I'm a massive fan.

Best heckle?

Someone yelled out a request for 'American Pie' and said it was their favourite Madonna song. I told security to throw them out. I was only half joking.

Craziest on stage experience?

I did In Vogue for a Saudi Prince on a tropical island in Seychelles earlier this year. I was forbidden to look directly at him or his immediate companions. I was pretty terrified but they laughed and cheered a lot.

What's on your rider?

Herbal tea for pre-show, beer for post. Actually I don't have a rider, I must get on to that.

How do you wind down after a show?

I try to limit drinks when I perform but a beer does alway hit the spot straight after a show.

What do you love about Scotland?

I fell in love with Edinburgh last year, with it's people and it's beauty. This year I'm staying on after the Festival and driving around Scotland for a week, I can't wait!

What do you like about Edinburgh?

It's unbelievably beautiful and surrenders itself each year to the biggest international arts festival in the world, what's not to love?

What's the most Scottish thing you've done?

In my other cabaret show I channel my idol Annie Lennox for an hour. Also I had black pudding with my eggs last Fringe!

What kind of jokes do a Scottish crowd seem to respond to?

Scots and Aussies seem to share a similar sense of humour, they both love a bit of cheekiness and nothing is off limits.

Favourite joke?

There was a rumour a while back that Madonna insisted Guy Ritchie have a rather painful surgical snip for Kabbalah. A few lyric changes later, 'Cry Baby' is suddenly about adult circumcision and it always gets a good laugh!

In Vogue: Songs by Madonna will be at the Assembly Checkpoint from July 31 to August 25. For tickets go to